Class Notes (Presentations)

Kara: Women’s Mental Health in Sports


  • overlooked area
  • mental health breaks not seen as important as injuries
  • recent news (Simone Biles)
  • women are more likely to have depressive symptoms in sports


  • YouTube channel
  • “topic of the day”: women’s mental health in sports
  • interview w/ Dr. Kayla Ross and Coach Nell Fortner
  • instagram page (have an open platform)


  • time management
  • scheduling conflicts for interviews
  • editing

next steps:

  • set up meeting times
  • brainstorm script
  • find a place to record

Aditya: Taj Mahal and Red Fort

goal: find and highlight more nuanced part of Indian history and links that are often overlooked

audience: Indian history enthusiasts, followed by novelists and reading enthusiasts


  • primary: interviews, historical survey docuemtns
  • secondary: research articles, videos, publications


  • same architects similar
  • similar communication rooms/designs
  • unique architecture for stability
  • Red Fort was more public
  • Taj Mahal 3x price for being 1/2 the size


  • accurate information
  • varied data
  • loss of info over time
  • time management

deliverable: a short story (mystery, history, ~800 words)

Nisarg: Political Polarization w/ Social Media


  • social media has become a news source
  • extremist, sensational, and junk news spreads easily


  • papers studying polarization, algorithms, theories of polarization, statics on junk news, neural networks
  • twitter “the algorithm”


  • in network: RealGraph, recommendations from people you follow
  • out of network: SimClusters, based on general user data


  • finding sources
  • most papers aren’t up to date
  • complex machine learning algos hard to know

ChatGPT was useful for analyzing code at a high level

deliverable: PSA

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