Project Presentations

James: Training

testing effects of types of training on basketball players

deliverable: website w/ detailed training program, tips (such as form), and ways to improve

current work: done with research


  • conflicting data
  • not enough information
  • testing

Evan: TikTok

deliverable: 5-7 minute video explaining to parents what makes TikTok popular

  • maintain a neutral stance, purely informational
  • create a positive environment for discussion with a child about social media


  1. education (safety)
  2. solutions (encouraging discussion)
  3. context (misconceptions)


  • under 13: no uploading, no user data collection, no comments, no user interaction, only see popular posts
  • Tik Tok often shows videos close to what it thinks you would like (including if you were depressed, videos that would continue to keep you in that same mindset)


  • a lot of repetitive information from news articles
  • controversial information found on news sites

Sebastian: Leitmotif

studying music and film and how the score contributes to emotions

medium: an audio podcast, 3 episodes


  • subjectivity of music
  • limited research
  • high expectations

A lot of projects seem to follow the same set of challenges, such as time, expectations, and lack of data. I feel like in my own project I can also see some of these issues, especially time. It seems like so far no one has really given an explanation to how to deal with lack of time (perhaps they didn’t have enough time to think about how to deal with it), including me.

The Tik Tok presentation continues to show more of a point I discussed earlier with ethical computer science and companies. The younger generation is what will eventually become the main, “profitable” consumers, and by getting people on Tik Tok earlier, they are able to become more dependent and “addicted” to it, to where in the future they’ll need it or trust it.

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