About Me

I am a first year at the Georgia Institute of Technology (I’m just going to call it Georgia Tech, but I guess that’s the official title it’s supposed to be called by) and I am studying Computer Science with threads (aka concentrations) in Devices and Intelligence.

Much of my free time when I’m not attempting to be productive usually consists of listening to music (Discover Weekly is a wonderful creation) in my car or at my desk. I also enjoy attending concerts or new movie releases whenever I can. Much of my time is spent working on various personal projects such as the homelab (post soon) that powers this website as well as all the other things I host (Including an API with thousands of unique users and millions of requests monthly!)

Whenever I’m not on campus (and at home), I manage (and have for many years) a 65 gallon saltwater aquarium complete with some fish, plenty of coral, some shrimp, and an anemone. Unfortunately my phone camera cannot take good pictures of the tank, otherwise I would put one (here). When I am on vacation, I tend to scuba dive wreks wrecks in the area, or coral reefs (posts soon).

On campus, I am an active member of WREK Atlanta, the school’s public radio station (available at 91.1 FM in Georgia or at wrek.org anywhere with internet), where I operate the station every Thursday at midnight (first thing Thursday, not at the end of the day Thursday, where it is then Friday). I am also on the engineering team where we are currently working on modernizing some of our older systems.

If you would like to get in contact with me, email me at:

[my first name]@[my last name].me (hint, it's the same as the URL)

This page was last updated January 13, 2023, it is likely not complete or entirely up to date.