Class Notes

When reading documents:

What relevance from this reading can I apply to my work?

for example, skim and find the important sections

As a group, list 5 key terms or concepts associated with the reading

  • facts
  • storytelling
  • audience
  • consistency
  • grammar

How does the article define narrative, fact, and their relationship?

  • stories with fact are more relatable and help the audience see the purpose
  • allows for more memorable speech
  • does require to know who the audience is

How does the reading shape the way you think about your own research/writing?

it shows that writing needs to have some personality, instead of being a straight list of facts. By including some commentary and a story, readers will be more engaged and they will remember and understand your wiring more.

Who is the audience for this reading?

academics, those looking to improving research

Is it a good article or not?

  • the article discusses writing more engaging papers, and this paper is seemingly… not too terribly engaging.
  • So, although the point is made, it fails to live up to its own ideas, so its a decent article, but it isn’t amazing, but it definitely isn’t terrible as well.