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  • A Discussion: Personal experiences bridge moral and political divides better than facts

    Paraphrase the articles thesis: In order to foster an effective dialogue among people with different political affiliations, the use of both facts/evidence and personal experiences creates mutual respect between both parties. It had previously been said that using only facts and evidence creates a respectful environment, but it has been found that it actually does […]

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    Original: At complete first glance I had the relation to Nazi imagery with the swastika, but very quickly switched to the much more peaceful meaning of religious imagery (not entirely sure where) as a symbol of peace and harmony. Associations: History classes, being online often enough, and then knowledge over time of true/original meetings of […]

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    notice general audience (reading level, education, age) Topics: Felipe: deliverables: purpose: recreational fun audience: friends research: Lukas deliverables: research: Evan National and Cultural identities of adolescents in the US deliverables:

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    When reading documents: What relevance from this reading can I apply to my work? for example, skim and find the important sections As a group, list 5 key terms or concepts associated with the reading How does the article define narrative, fact, and their relationship? How does the reading shape the way you think about […]

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    1:29:59, just within the limit

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    (out of class) Form: anything that is something and not something else Juul still honestly not too sure what different forms could be Due to the color of the advertisement, I could see this being geared towards a more younger audience. Based on the fashion and the fonts used in the advertisement, it seems Juul […]

  • Textbook Notes

    I annotated some passages from the textbook, in general the chapter provided an overview of different primary sources and their comparison to secondary sources.

  • Introductory Video Ideas

    I feel like the video is supposed to implement various parts of who I am and what I do on my own into the video, so I feel like I may do a series of cuts, mid sentence in order to change the medium of the writing. Cut by Cut Outline this is by no […]