Introductory Video Ideas

I feel like the video is supposed to implement various parts of who I am and what I do on my own into the video, so I feel like I may do a series of cuts, mid sentence in order to change the medium of the writing.

Cut by Cut Outline

  • The light of my dorm is turned on
  • I turn on the power to my desktop, the screen is shown turning on
  • I put my headset on my desk and unzip its case
  • I turn on the headset and put it on as a POV from the camera
  • cut to in a game, likely VRChat, where I start to talk
  • [introduce the platform I am on, perhaps my avatar and the setting]
  • [have some images shown over the above of things with friends in the given platform]
  • [a transition back into reality, ending up taking off the headset]
  • [introduce myself outside the game]
  • [explain the uses of visual, electronic, and nonverbal]
  • transition to typing a blog post, explaining the use of written
  • change to a more oral pov, perhaps of simply an audio waveform
  • [explain oral communication, especially in front of a group is an issue]
  • flip the camera during the above to show carelessness towards not seeing the audience, perhaps a POV at the radio station
  • if at radio station, explain how talking on air is a sort of practice

this is by no means complete or final, it is simply the current flow of ideas I have