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  • Class Notes

    notice general audience (reading level, education, age) Topics: Felipe: deliverables: purpose: recreational fun audience: friends research: Lukas deliverables: research: Evan National and Cultural identities of adolescents in the US deliverables:

  • Class Notes

    When reading documents: What relevance from this reading can I apply to my work? for example, skim and find the important sections As a group, list 5 key terms or concepts associated with the reading How does the article define narrative, fact, and their relationship? How does the reading shape the way you think about…

  • In Class Notes

    (out of class) Form: anything that is something and not something else Juul still honestly not too sure what different forms could be Due to the color of the advertisement, I could see this being geared towards a more younger audience. Based on the fashion and the fonts used in the advertisement, it seems Juul…

  • Textbook Notes

    I annotated some passages from the textbook, in general the chapter provided an overview of different primary sources and their comparison to secondary sources.

  • Dictionary

    Genre: (noun) Categories in a given form of media Example: “Atmospheric” is a genre in music. Synonyms: category, classification, type Antonyms: none Genre Conventions: (noun, plural) Characteristics of a given genre Example: The genre conventions of atmospheric music may include longer songs with drawn out, quieter notes, that would me more enjoyable while studying or…

  • Multimodality

    Linguistic Imagistic Oral Gestural Spatial FORM: Anything that is a something and a not something else