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  • Class Notes

    My project is rewriting and designing ScratchDB, a system I created for analytics for a programming website by MIT. This system allows for searching users, projects, and posts, and also provides rankings for everything. I am working on designing a newer, faster version that replaces my currently nearly 2-3 year old design. My theme is […]

  • Class Notes (Video)

    Facts about American Life Getting These Three Different Projects to Link Together Both of these could probably be titled something under Taylor’s Game, but, that sounds a bit close to Ender’s Game, although I haven’t seen or read anything about that book/movie so: Opposing link: One thing we believe: How this can be used on […]

  • Design Choices 1

    Today I looked more into how I will deal with communication between the indexer, database, and the API. First I thought if simply having an HTTP server that in itself is an a way a REST API, but this is terribly inefficient as it (at least in my design) does one operation per request. So […]

  • ScratchDB: Project Update 1

    So for a decent part of today I looked into designing the leaderboard system. I researched various different ways to rank the data, going anywhere from a combination of HashMaps and BSTs to simply keeping my current solution of an oddly ranked array/Object combination in JS. At the end, the easiest and likely best solution […]

  • ScratchDB Update

    The ScratchDB project began a few years ago as a way to watch the Scratch forums to see what the Scratch Team deleted, in response to one of my friends posts being consistently deleted for random reasons, trying to find trends. In the end, I never really analyzed that data or looked much further into […]