Class Notes (Video)

Facts about American Life

  • many families have pets, in this case a dog
  • some sort of “average” middle class family with both parents working and kids going to school
  • many families got puppies at the start of COVID-19
  • more than one language is often spoken in American households (21%)
  • many families had troubles after quarantine ended with keeping a pet

Getting These Three Different Projects to Link Together

Both of these could probably be titled something under Taylor’s Game, but, that sounds a bit close to Ender’s Game, although I haven’t seen or read anything about that book/movie so:

  • Despite media backlash, Taylor Swift goes on a journey to explore the positive effects of Pokémon Go on her fanbase and herself while finding new ways to improve her work.
  • A young female songwriter receives criticism on playing too much Pokemon Go, which launches and investigation into how this popular program has affected society.

Opposing link:

  • An old failing musician is praised for banning Pokémon Go at all of his concerts because of an article he found on The Onion.

One thing we believe:

How this can be used on my own project:

Every project has its own unique elements, and by hearing information about other people’s projects, I can see the direction they’re going in, as well as the types of research they are doing. By listening to their different points and trying to combine them with my own (a terribly impossible task since mine is relating to writing software, while one is about the effects of a game, while the other is about a singer) I am able to see how different elements could be combined for new or different research. For example, one could, instead of just researching Taylor Swift, could research Taylor Swift and the trends between her popularity and Pokemon Go and write about how they wrote systems to analyze this.

This also shows how to write more concise and complex phrases that can include more information about my project. For example, I could include more information about how programs cross-communicate, while also discussing how that benefits speed.

Mar 8 edits:

When it comes to finding the opposite, it gives an odd perspective in relation to my project. My project is built fairly on fact and research, and tends to be on finding the “best way” to do something. In this activity, we looked at finding the opposites of things we believed. This doesn’t really offer a ton in the area of “what is best”, but it does offer perspective into other parts of life and research. By finding what is “true” about what is against what you believe, you can see opposing perspectives and gain knowledge of how you could prove your points more, or possibly change your views if the research is appealing enough. When it comes to my project, it is often a game of “what is better by research”, so some elements of this is seen in my work, as something such as Cap’n Proto or gRPC may be similar, but there’s research showing how each one is better. I may believe gRPC better, but there is plenty of research showing otherwise.

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