Project Summary In-Class Edits

Original Prompt

The nature and purpose of my project is to outline the political imbalances that play a role in competitive high school basketball. My project explores the beneficial perspectives that some high school students athletes receive as opposed to others, regardless of strictly talent and skill.

More General:

The purpose of my project is to outline how political imbalances between platers play a role in high school basketball. My project explores different views students have and how they are beneficial.

More Specific:

The purpose of my project is to see how different social political imbalances play a role in competitive high school basketball in the north Atlanta area. This area is chosen because it has a wide range of different economic zones that would give a wide range of data on how important social and political factors play in baseball on a high-school level. The information included in my findings would include family situation and family income, general political views, school performance, general “safety” of the area, and of course performance in basketball.

Bonus: ChatGPT does the same:

More General:

The nature and purpose of the project is to analyze the political imbalances that can impact competitive high school sports, with a specific focus on basketball. The project seeks to investigate the different perspectives and opportunities that some high school student athletes receive, beyond just their talent and skills.

More Specific:

The purpose of my project is to analyze and document the ways in which political imbalances affect the competitive landscape of high school basketball. Specifically, I aim to investigate the differential treatment and opportunities that high school student-athletes receive based on factors beyond just talent and skill, such as race, socioeconomic status, and connections with influential coaches or boosters. Through interviews, surveys, and statistical analysis, I will explore the impact of these imbalances on the experiences and outcomes of high school basketball players, as well as potential solutions to promote greater equity and fairness in the sport.


By taking a look at my own project through this perspective, I can find where I tend to talk much less about information and more about the story of why I am writing my specific project. By trying to simplify my own project, I can see where I think the important parts of my work are and what I should start with, since I haven’t really done much work yet. With making my project more complex, I can start to expand my original ideas, or include more information as to why I want to do something specific with my project.

Looking at my original project proposal, it seems to be quite different from the one read read in class. Mine seems have quite a simple explanation of what I want to do, but also includes my end goals, unlike prompt A but like prompt B where some “deliverables” are discussed. I feel my proposal is much more like B, where I include personal reasoning as to why I am working on my project and as to my end goals, and how I am going to achieve it. But compared to A, I can’t exactly see much of my proposal through the same light, as it gives a very general outline that doesn’t fully make sense to me (or even my group). I guess the way I wrote my proposal verses how they wrote theirs shows how things can make more sense to me when I write them, but it may not make sense to someone else reading it. This shows that when I write, I need to think more specifically about the audience of my project and whether my writing makes sense.

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