Class Notes

Things I’d like to see from presenters:

  • not simply standing in one place
  • more than simply reading off of slides
  • engage the audience whether its questions or input
  • explanation of some real-world applications of their research
  • have samples, images, or video in relation to their data ✨multimodality✨

I’d like to see the presenter walk as they explain what’s on the slides, without simply reading the slides, and also engage the audience with questions, real world data, and multimodality.


  1. stick to a single, imprtant point that everything can link back to
  2. give people a reason to care and learn about your idea
  3. take what your audience likely already knows, and have your presentation link into it
  4. your idea needs to be able to help other people, or improve their perspective, rather than simply helping yourself

How I can use this in my own project:

My project is very much a “personal” program that I am working on for personal reasons, however my project has outreach that could help other people. This class seems to have a number of people taking computer science classes, so perhaps some of my presentation would be best spent explaining how I learned about how to program these things, or what I learned on the way, rather than simply discussing my deliverables and how they work. The idea of keeping the project concise works in some ways, but for something like my project, there seems to need to be multiple points that act as main points, such as “why I made this”, “how I made this” and “what it does”. These could probably be linked back to one point, but quite frankly I’m too tired to think of one at the moment.

One of my teachers used to say “There’s many roads to Macon”, and more recently some friends have taken up the phrase “All roads lead to Dark Horse” and this could be seen in how one presents projects. A single idea can be presented in a multure of ways, and there are also many different points one could make from an idea. So a simple “formula” as discussed in a video isn’t really the best way for everyone, it is simply his “road” to having a good project. At the end the day, there’s many ways to present a project, and although some projects can be explained in a concise and simple manner, others require massive amounts of explanation to make sense to the audience.

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