Class Notes (Projects)

Project: Logan (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift has had a multitude of albums as a part of different areas of her life.

Albums take different phases and different sounds, for example, some where country while others were more modern “pop” or now ballad type-songs

Deliverable: a podcast on Taylor’s life, with areas of music, lyrics, previous clips

Challenges: there’s a large number of sources and it’s difficult to sift through what is important. Deciding on the final presentation is difficult since it needs to be more of a conversational/over time piece as compared to a sort of “infomercial”

Future work: scriptwriting, slides with the script, renting equipment from gatech, and then recording

theme of presentation: the board with the pins and the colors shows an evolution over time, with adding things on top over time, building a map of history, much like the podcast

this is the first time of me writing one of these since I was traveling back to campus on Monday so I missed a few notes 🙁


This was the first presentation I saw, so it really set the stage for what I needed to do for my own later down the line. This project also showed me how everyone has challenges and roadblocks for their project. My project has roadblocks when it comes to the sheer amount of time and research needed, while other projects have issues such as unreliable or negative research.

I can also see how making a final product is a difficulty for everyone instead of just mine. Writing a script or writing code takes simply sitting down and writing it all seemingly all at once, however unfortunately programming (especially as the scale I planned) there’s just a lot of different times where I’d need to sit down and simply… write.

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