Project Presentations


project: a podcast about feminism in pop culture

goal: “cancel culture” around feminism being too or not feminist enough, as well as language used.

questions to be answered:

  • Taylor’s stance on speaking out on feminist topics
  • Taylor Swift being targeted in the media in a sexist sense
  • how has Taylor swift used films/videos/interviews/speeches to speak out for feminism

current progress:

  • podcast slides
  • script outline
  • finalized evidence


  1. finalize script
  2. record podcast
  3. interviews
  4. editing final product
  5. last minute editing


crowds in different areas have different humor, for example, Atlanta vs New York

most comedians talk about things in their own life

patients tend to trust their doctors more with a slight joke, for something like “Oh I don’t like needles too”

final project: a podcast (first ~10 minutes or so of)


  • splicing audio recordings
  • finding time
  • finding equipment
  • a name


Sarah’s project really shows how much work goes into making a podcast. It takes extensive research, creating artwork, writing scripts, time planning, and of course, recording. The project is quite different from my own, but it does show how all projects have a large level of difficulty even if they have entirely different goals or ideas.

I’ve noticed comedy is really entirely dependent even down to friend groups. Some I can send a Tik Tok to, while others I would send an entirely different video to. This project really shows the scale of how comedy works, and how difficult it is for some comedians to make things funny across ages and locations. Personally, it shows that everyone has their own sense of humor and location is part of it, so I need to keep that in mind whenever I travel or go on an internship.

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