Project Presentations

Ben: Chairs

  • Chairs in 144 were comfortable for a small period of time and caused discomfort over time
  • Scheller chairs were nice, but the desks were difficult to use
  • Kendeda chairs are simple, and quickly uncomfortable

There wasn’t enough time to show enough information, and information found was often repetitive

The chairs in the classroom are good for some, but also hated by many

Nancy: Pokemon Go

The game has come to become addicting, looking into the reasons why.

  • players are more active physically
  • players met more people because of the game
  • caused distracted pedestrians and driving
  • it has a mild effect on productivity

the game has a lot of community, and causes people to walk more, although you’re looking more at your phone so seeing less around you and more distracted

Samantha: Stress and Gardening

final project is a website on how to grow plants in a dorm or on campus, or making your own products, or tea. Also composting

personal inspiration: high school gardening club, found peace and excitement from gardening

  • other inspirations came from the “cottage core” and DIY trends of making their own tea or decorations
  • also to find a distractor for long term stress

research: found that in hospitals, schools, gardening brought less stress

obstacles: very few people in on-campus dorms have any plants, timing isn’t great for survey

current progress: working on website, working on slides currently


The finals season is coming up, and finding a nice place to study has been a difficult task. Chairs determine how well someone can work, and how long someone can study in one place. I noticed that when studying for my math test that I had to move between places (plastic chair at student center, egg-shaped chairs of Crosland) in order to keep studying. This research shows just how important it is for me to find the right place.

I’ve played Pokemon Go in the past, and unfortunately for my use I didn’t really see very many of the benefits. It does show however how games can change bits of society and indirectly improve them. Pokemon Go’s main selling point is that it puts the game in the world, and by doing that, it has created local communities and has caused people to be more productive.

Simply put, taking care of plants sounds quite peaceful. I’ve had an orchid at home and it’s quite nice to look at when I don’t want to look at my computer. On campus I haven’t really had that same thing. The little bamboo they pass out is nice, but I don’t have much place, hopefully next year I can get some plants.

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