Project Presentations


Project: Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but more of sci-fi/western, rather than with wizards and other aspects of “regular” DND

Starting point: a previous adventure book, that is a bit closer to being more “modern”

Why?: Fun to make and play a campaign entirely made yourself, including some past experiences to make up the project, something to have fun with

Original idea: a full campaign, but those take a lot of time to work on

Deliverable: Adventure Preview: artwork, some running adventure setup, some characters

  • would contain front art (AI generated!)
  • credits
  • front section seen in class

Started with DALL-E and moved to StarryAI


Project: Nike

Deliverable: podcast

  • has previous podcast expeirence


  • Development of shoes
  • partnership with USATF
  • effort to get use from youth


  • Digital articles
  • digital interviews
  • personal interviews with runners and professionals


  • a lot of negative articles about Nike
  • time

Kaijie: Soul Music

Ray Charles: A blind, genius (invented soul music), fighter (civil rights movement)


  • 10 minute video essay
  • includes music and visual arts

areas of study:

  • music theory
  • music history
  • American history
  • sociology

Why am I concerned with American soul music?: Blues music and Ray Charles was first impression of Georgia

Research works:

  • history books
  • listening to music
  • music comments
  • biographies
  • movie clips


  • difficult to choose topic and type of delivery
  • selecting important topics
  • clear/natural script


I’ve personally played some DND and seeing this was quite interesting to see what goes in to making a campaign. It also shows how AI can assist in a project. Drawing is difficult, and AI has now made it so people are able to create artwork by simply prompting AI models with some sentences. I’ve personally used some of these models, and they’re quite impressive, and they definitely have a place. Hopefully we can somehow determine what is artwork and what is AI artwork.

A project in Nike really shows how a simple shoe company can have a massive control over an industry. It really shows the importance of ethics, and I can see how company overreach could become an issue in my future work. Having an impact on younger generations really determines the future of something, as they are your future customers. This is also seen in something like Tik Tok where they’re trying to make it possible for all ages to use it, despite its issues with productivity and mental health.

This presentation showed me how music is truly a universal language. It also shows how complex the theory and design is behind music. This presentation shows how an artist can make something for their local community, but can instead tell the whole world about their community, and become what people know about the area. Ray Charles, in this case, seems to have determined what Georgia is like, and I guess I never really thought about how music could determine what I know about an area, but the more I think about it, much of my knowledge of foreign nations is their music.

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